Promising results in immunotherapy

Professor Håkan Mellstedt is a medical oncologist at the Cancer Center Karolinska in Sweden, with extensive clinical and academic experience. In this article, Prof. Mellstedt, also a member of our Scientific Committee, explains the basics of immunotherapy and key research being conducted across cancer types.

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Do tomatoes reduce prostate cancer risk?

With prostate cancer awareness growing around the world, perhaps the most frequently asked question is “Do tomatoes prevent prostate cancer?”. An endocrinologist who has studied the topic of nutrition and cancer at length provides some further details.

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Statins reduce prostate cancer mortality
Statins are normally used to lower cholesterol (which is seemingly irrelevant to prostate cancer). However, cholesterol controls pathways related to prostate cancer cells’ survival. In article, our Chief Medical Officer describes the potential benefit to prostate cancer patients, based on two recently published studies.
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