Caregiving and taking care of self
I could not believe it when they were telling me: caregivers to patients need someone to take care of them, too. My dad is a very easy going patient - not need...
Mammograms and breast cancer, again
Naturally, and given my father's bout with lung cancer, I am always worried about my own risk. I don't smoke, but I am terrified of breast cancer. I just read ...
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Is there a connection between lung cancer and exposure to asbestos?

There is a direct connection between asbestos and meso...

My Office for over 15 years was at a small prefabricated building in which amiantos was used for its walls. Is there a connection between cancer of the lungs and exposure to amiantos?
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Adding radiation to chemotherapy may improve some lung cancer outcomes
For patients with limited metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), adding radiation therapy to chemotherapy with may curb disease progression dramatically.
Seeking clarity on CT scans after lung cancer surgery
A trial did not show a difference in overall survival (OS) between patients who received computed tomography (CT) scans as part of their follow-up, and those who did not.