"Smarter" diagnosis?
Seeking a better (smarter? easier?) diagnosis for prostate cancer. This means the ...feared digital rectal exam and PSA measurements may be a thing of the past ...
Access to treatment
In the UK: another treatment (this time for prostate cancer) has been eliminated from the NHS.
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I am undergoing hormone treatment for prostate cancer, and feel sick very frequently. Is this normal? What can I do?

It is not abnormal during hormonal therapy to experien...

What are the immediate side effects of radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer causes some side...

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Common prostate cancer treatment linked to dementia
Prostate cancer patients treated with testosterone-lowering drugs are more likely to develop dementia.
Brachytherapy alone causes less side-effects in mid-risk prostate cancer
Brachytherapy alone can give similar results & fewer side-effects in mid-risk prostate cancer compared to its combination with external beam therapy (EBT).