A mother, a grandmother, a winner

A routine examination showed throat cancer. Another tumor, in the left lung, made her fear she wouldn’t make it. 
5 years later, she tells us... how she made it.


"Today, I am 61 years old.

My own story began 5 years ago when, during a routine examination, my ear-neck-throat (ENT) doctor discovered something in my throat. Although we had no specific suspicion, on further examination, we decided to go into surgery to find out for sure.

Very soon, therefore, I was operated. Unfortunately, the biopsy indicated that I had throat cancer.

After this diagnosis, my treatment was completed through a series of radiation therapy sessions.


But …that was not all: a lump in the lungs

The chest X-ray done before my throat surgery had also shown a lump. Therefore, we had to run various tests on my lungs, in order to find out what it was. To get the most accurate results, I went through a PET scan.

Indeed, the outcome was that there was a lump. And it had to be operated urgently.


Yet another surgery

This operation removed half of my left lung, and the biopsy showed stage 1 lung cancer.

I got very scared; I felt panicked and as if on a death sentence. Within two months I had lost the ground beneath my feet.


Finding the strength to win!

But I tried as much as possible for my family to get over these horrible feelings, and to fight cancer.

Thanks to their support, and through my own faith, I managed to come out as a winner!

And now, five years later, I enjoy time with my grandchildren, and the life that God gave me. I now know how strong I can be with the help of my loved ones. And I intend to stay strong for many, many more years to come!"

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