For cancer patients, knowledge is power

We believe that patients and caregivers should have access to reliable, balanced and updated information. Our long experience in oncology, supported by a broad panel of oncologists and other experts, has shown the benefits of empowering patients and caregivers: better understanding, fewer surprises, and a stronger partnership between them and their medical team.

Get answers – fast and free

Your doctor is the best person to answer your questions – but they cannot be available for everyone at all times. CareAcross members can send us their question and get an answer by an expert within hours.

So much in common…

Anyone affected by cancer should also have a private, safe and secure way of sharing concerns, experiences and practical tips with each other. Learning from everyone’s experiences and supporting each other is extremely important to help face every day’s challenges.

…which can be put to good use

Thousands of researchers around the world are tirelessly working to understand how cancer works in our bodies, and find the missing pieces to more effective treatments. CareAcross works with their companies and institutions to help them complete this giant jigsaw puzzle – with your help.

In particular, members’ data is stored in highly secure servers. Although this data is already anonymous, it is processed to eliminate any personal information. It can then be analysed to uncover potential hints to those missing pieces.

This way, CareAcross members not only help each other, they also support the research for the 32 million people living with cancer worldwide.

The CareAcross Mission

Our mission is to support people affected by cancer through credible information, useful tools, psychological support, and advice from experts.

The CareAcross Vision

Our vision is to facilitate faster, more effective oncology research, and medical interaction that will improve the quality of life of patients and their caregivers.