Care Across is a digital health company focusing 100% on cancer, offering support to patients and caregivers, and services to the industry.

Our commitment: Support patients, respecting their privacy and anonymity

Through a secure and private web platform, patients receive reliable information, psychological support, and answers to their questions. They can also access several interactive tools (e.g. longitudinal and personalized nutrition coaching that is based on evidence and clinical experience). These services are offered absolutely free of charge.

Our proposition: Make every patient interaction count

The interaction of patients and caregivers (including diagnosis, treatments, co-morbidities, side-effects and other data), is collected anonymously, and processed to be further anonymised. It is the foundation for services we provide to the industry, including:

  • clinical trial recruitment
  • patient support programs
  • real-world evidence based on patient-reported outcomes, side-effects and more.

Our list of clients includes pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies.

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