CareAcross posters presented at ASCO 2021

The 2021 Annual Congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) took place in early June. This year, as in 2020, the conference took place virtually and not in Chicago, and therefore the expected crowd of 45,000 attended keynotes and lectures, and viewed abstracts and posters, from across the globe.

CareAcross at ASCO 2021

Although this was the second year we could not make it to Chicago, CareAcross submitted two abstracts to be considered by the Scientific Program Committee. These reflected some of the recent company activities, and illustrated substantial progress in the personalised patient support and real-world evidence fields. Moreover, it captured timely insights from cancer patients related to the pandemic.
Both abstracts were accepted and presented as e-posters. The next few paragraphs provide the highlights.

Demonstrating the efficacy of our remote symptom management solutions

Nowadays, cancer patients have access to unlimited information about their condition, their diagnosis, their treatments, and their side-effects - among others. However, this is clearly not enough. Patients feel frustrated identifying the right information and support, personalised for their needs, is very challenging. It is not a surprise, therefore, that patient support services are generally inadequate.

The CareAcross patient support services are highly personalised, and are based on evidence included among thousands of scientific publications. They deliver tailored, patient-centric and patient-friendly support in a way that brings remote symptom management to a new level.

The abstract #1566 "Efficacy analysis of a remote symptom management platform" not only collects real-world data on the incidence of cancer patient side-effects, but also presents the improvements delivered by the CareAcross platform. Based on data from 2203 patients from 8 countries, it demonstrates the impact on patients with breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancer.
Impressively, the presented data illustrates reduction in incidence of side-effects ranging from 25.7% to 83.6%.

You can read the abstract on the ASCO Annual Meeting website, as well as the Congress Proceedings.

Capturing the willingness of cancer patients to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccination is a topic of ongoing debate, and it may have reached a new peak during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among cancer patients, the consideration around the vaccines incorporates their overall health and level of immunosuppression, among others.

As part of its ongoing efforts to capture patient insights and understand cancer patient perspectives, CareAcross issued a spot survey a few days after the first COVID-19 vaccine was approved. Within hours, we collected more than 1,100 responses, which we analysed in the abstract submitted to (and accepted by) ASCO.

The proportion of patients indicating no willingness to get the vaccine closely followed the national-level statistics captured by much larger and more extensive public health-level studies. This showcases the quality of real-world data collected through the CareAcross patient platforms. Moreover, our access to deep, longitudinal patient data, allowed us to perform retroactive drilldowns to examine correlations and drivers.

The access to the patients themselves enabled us to conduct a follow-up survey for the e-poster presented at ASCO: about half of the patients who were originally not willing to get the vaccine, had changed their mind (and a significant proportion had already received it).

You can read the abstract here and here.


CareAcross continues its work in fields of patient centricity, patient engagement and support, as well as real-world evidence and patient insights.
Our focus on cancer is a key driver for these developments, underpinned by our expertise in the area (after all, our Chief Medical Officer has been attending the ASCO annual congress for several decades).


The abstract authors would like to thank the entire CareAcross team for showing such dedication to cancer support, while of course respecting patients' anonymity and privacy as per our terms of service.

Finally, but most importantly, CareAcross is grateful to all the patients who participate in these activities and contribute to advance scientific and research knowledge.

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