CareAcross Posters presented at ESMO Breast Cancer 2022

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the leading medical oncology society in Europe, has more than 25,000 members and organises highly impactful scientific congresses. One of them, ESMO Breast Cancer 2022, took place in Berlin (and online) in May 2022.

CareAcross at ESMO Breast Cancer 2022

CareAcross submitted two abstracts to the Scientific committee, which were accepted and presented as e-posters:

  1. The first abstract & poster is about a class of drugs and their usage and side effects on breast cancer patients
  2. The second abstract & poster focused on comorbidities related to prognostic factors among breast cancer patients.

Usage and Side effects of Aromatase Inhibitors in 5 European countries

Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are part of hormone therapy for breast cancer patients. They are prescribed alone or in combination with other treatments, for both metastatic and non-metastatic patients. Most commonly used AIs include Letrozole, Anastrozole and Exemestane.

Through real world data analysis, CareAcross’ objective was to monitor their usage and any side effects. The analysis was based on data from 2,080 breast cancer patients who received AIs, from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK.

The analysis of Aromatase Inhibitors indicated that Letrozole is the most common AI in all 5 countries, followed most often by Anastrozole. Moreover, while Letrozole and Anastrozole had a similar safety profile, Exemestane was linked to more side effects. The most common side effects for all AIs included fatigue, hot flushes and sleeping problems.

You can read the abstract on the ESMO Breast Cancer congress website.

Comorbidities related to metastatic, hormonal and HER2 status in European breast cancer patients

Comorbidity describes the presence of more than one disease or condition at the same time. While comorbidities are common among cancer patients, they may seriously affect their quality of life and influence their prognosis. Thus, identification of potential correlations between comorbidities and breast cancer characteristics could help improve cancer patients’ care.

Data was collected from 4,902 breast cancer patients from 5 European countries. The respondents reported their breast cancer characteristics (such as metastatic, hormonal and HER2 status) in addition to some comorbid conditions (diabetes, anaemia, hypertension and others). The analysis identified several correlations.

More specifically, the incidence of diabetes in breast cancer patients with metastatic stage or HER2+ disease was statistically significantly higher than among those with non-metastatic or HER2- breast cancer, respectively. Furthermore, anaemia was statistically significantly lower in HR+ compared to HR- patients, while hypertension was higher in HR+ patients.

You can read the abstract here.


CareAcross is a digital platform offering personalised support for cancer patients, helping them improve their quality of life. Based on patients’ input and engagement, it can collect patient reported data, real world evidence and valuable insights that can help researchers and commercial organisations accelerate research and enhance patient care.


First and foremost, the abstract authors (and the entire CareAcross team) are grateful to all the patients who share with us their experiences towards these activities. Their significant contribution provides the scientific community with valuable information and insights based on real world data.

Finally, we are thankful to the entire CareAcross team for its dedication to cancer care and support, accompanied by sensitivity and respect for patients' personal data and anonymity - as per our terms of service. We will continue on our mission to support people affected by cancer, improve their quality of life and accelerate cancer research.

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