Enhanced quality of life via digital support to advanced NSCLC patients (ESMO 2023 poster)

CareAcross continues to showcase the impact of its innovations towards cancer patient quality of life, as well as clinician workflows.

In the 2023 ESMO Congress in Madrid, the interim analysis of the CLIMEDIN clinical trial was presented in a poster session. CLIMEDIN is a trial with 200 patients with advanced NSCLC, featuring Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), recording of care pathways, and support to patients’ quality of life. This support is provided by the CareAcross platform, and patients were randomised 1:1 to receive either personalised information for each of their side-effects, or generic material.

Enhanced quality of life via personalised digital support

As presented, patients in the study arm receiving personalised support for their side-effects via the platform reported higher improvement in their quality of life compared to those receiving general information. This is an important finding, demonstrating the positive impact of the CareAcross services on patients with a very challenging condition. This achievement is even more impressive considering that patients’ median age was 68 years old, with 27% lacking high school education.

As part of the focus on side-effects, the study also analysed the differences between patient-reported and clinician-reported adverse events. This comparison confirmed the disparities emperically observed, with patients reporting much higher burden than clinicians, with statistical significance.

This finding further illustrates the value of the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) provided by the CareAcross platform, which offers clinicians an intuitive view into their patients’ current and historical quality of life status.

Regarding patients’ medical treatments, the most common 1st line treatment was immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy, while the most common aberrations found were TP53 and KRAS.

You can read the abstract, including our collaborators and funders, in Annals of Oncology.

Looking forward to extended evidence and validation

As this important study evolves, our services will continue to deliver quality of life interventions. Moreover, we will continue to analyse relevant data to provide further evidence and validation for our innovations.

It is our honour to serve these lung cancer patients and collaborate with clinicians and researchers.

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