How my support network helped cure my testicular cancer

This young man was about to stop chemotherapy for testicular cancer. His wife, together with his family and doctors, helped him through the side effects.


It was October 2010. I was having a really good and healthy life and I never expected this diagnosis: testicular cancer.

Today, I feel really blessed: I have an angel next to me, my wife, without whom I would never have gone to my local hospital and be diagnosed; and my family which has been supporting me from that day until now.

The journey starts with surgery

The treatment of my testicular cancer involved removing the affected testicle by surgery. I had the surgery on the 10th of November 2010, and a week later I had to go to an oncologist to continue the treatment with chemotherapy. I went to the suggested doctor, who described the steps that we will follow together, to ensure that the cancer will never be a threat to me again. In the face of my doctor, I found the messiah who will save me from cancer.

After surgery: my chemotherapy begins

The doctor and his team told me that we will perform two chemotherapy cycles, many (many!) blood tests, and a few Computed Tomography (CT) scans.

Therefore, only a week later (17th of November) I followed his guidance and went to the hospital to begin the first cycle of the treatment with chemotherapy, and I stayed there for 1 week. My experience for the first cycle was not so bad and the days passed easily because all that time I had my wife and my family near me. They helped me get my mind away from what I was going through, and kept my spirits high!

After the week was over and I left the hospital, I had to go back for blood tests in order to check my leukocytes because I was told that if my leukocytes numbers were low, I would be sensitive to infection.

After that, I started the second 7-days cycle of chemotherapy on the 28th of November. This was worse: from the first day I couldn’t handle the pain in my entire body. It was really hard because every day I felt like the pain doubled. I was very close to stopping the course and run away.

With the psychological support from my family, my wife, and my doctor, I continued.

CareAcross-Image of Helping Hands

It was a really hard path but I am really grateful for my doctor’s input. Without his knowledge maybe I wouldn’t be here to write about my experience. I am sure that the psychological support helps a lot, as well as my belief in God. And without the help of my family and my wife, I wouldn’t have continued with the chemotherapy cycles.

After chemotherapy, I have to do tests in order to be sure that I don’t have any cancer cells in my body. So, every three months I go back to do blood tests and CT scans, until today, my fourth year after cancer.

Happy News!

I am really happy to announce that this is my last year of close monitoring. As my doctor said, my treatment was successful and I have fully recovered from cancer. Plus... I can have children!

In conclusion, I have to thank God, and my doctors for recovering me from this really aggressive cancer. They have given me one more chance to continue my life with more prosperity, and more happy moments with my family and my wife.


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