Miranda suggests to look after yourself, and start blogging

Miranda started blogging immediately after her breast cancer diagnosis. She thought it was a good way to help others who are going through the same experiences, and also help her look back.
In her answers to our questions, she reiterated others’ suggestion to patients: start blogging!


A bit more about Miranda

I was officially diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer on the 21st of August 2014. That was the day before my older brother's birthday, so I'll never forget that date. Six months previous to my diagnosis, my father died suddenly, so it was a very emotional year, to say the least. Before I started chemo, I had a whole range of tests done and I found out not only did I have cancer, but I had a slight heart block/slow resting rate and Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (I was going to have eggs frozen but that would have delayed my chemo and I needed to press on with that ASAP). In the end, I had 8 cycles of chemo, a lumpectomy and axillary node clearance, 20 rounds of radiotherapy and 17 injections of Herceptin (my breast cancer was HER2+ as well as being ER+).





Blogging as a way to look back, as well as help others


I started blogging pretty much as soon as I got my breast cancer diagnosis. I'd been toying with starting a blog for a while. I started one a few years back with LiveJournal when I was going to do a charity bike ride through China but both didn't amount to anything. Part of doing a breast cancer blog was for me to be able to look back at what I had gone through (an aide-memoire) and part was so if anyone was going through the same things I was going through, it could be some form of help.


Miranda, meet Jon Hamm

This must be my favourite post: the one when I met Jon Hamm (for obvious reasons! ;) ).


People are not aware of what breast cancer really entails

The feedback I've had about my blog has always been positive, I found out a couple of months ago that even my aunt had been reading it! A lot of my friends have found it really educational and learnt more about breast cancer, which is a great thing. People are aware of breast cancer but not what it really entails.

It’s always good to make friends online

I read other breast cancer blogs and made friends with other bloggers, which is great! For example, Sarah Perry's blog (Secret Diary of a Chemo Girl) and Caroline Lee's blog (My Boobs and Me).


If you are a patient, start blogging…

…If only to get your thoughts out rather than letting them swim around in head. You'd be surprised at how many other people are going through the same experiences you are.


Miranda’s advice: Look after yourself

For those going through their own cancer battle, I would say enjoy the good times when they are around. Look after yourself and show the ones you love how much you care for them, even if it's just saying, "I love you".



More about Miranda’s blog

Blog: mizzilla.wordpress.com
Twitter handle: @mizzieashitey


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