Optimism, strength, determination, compassion and humor against cancer

During our ride around the web, we came across inspiring stories of people facing cancer: the story of Kathy who decides to take her destiny into her own hands; of another blogger who faces cancer with optimism and humor; and of Nancy, who writes a book to help other cancer fighters face their fears. We met a woman with epilepsy and cancer and realized how difficult her daily pill routine is. Then, we learned that sometimes breast cancer is pictured inappropriately, and some women find this frustrating. Our last story is the touching monologue of a breast cancer survivor as she waits for her bone scan...

Choosing the Best Option for Me

When everything seems lost, staying alive is the only option we have. This is the story of Kathy, a woman with stage 4 breast cancer. For her “living with stage 4 cancer is like living with a chronic illness. It may never be cured, but it can be managed.” When her last scan showed that cancer was progressing and her medicine had stopped working, she decided to search for her next medication. As a nurse, she knew of a couple of promising drugs in clinical trials. After a careful review, she identified the least toxic option and she decided to enroll, knowing the pros and cons. For Kathy, dealing with metastatic breast cancer brings huge responsibility for her own advocacy and health. Read her sage advice here.

Optimism and humor against cancer

This blogger has an amazing way to deal with her cancer’s issue: with optimism and humor! After her treatment, she developed a hearing problem and trouble with swallowing. Reading the description of her “adventure” and the exams she had to do, you will understand how a person can have a positive attitude towards health problems. Her humor and optimism are all over her writing. It is pleasure to read her story!


Getting Past the Fear: Prepare for Chemotherapy

Nancy is a breast cancer survivor who has written a book about chemotherapy. Wanting to help people alleviate their fear, she wrote a guide on “Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy”. In her post, you will find some useful tips to help anyone during their first chemotherapy. Her advice on food and other important aspects of chemotherapy is very practical, and a must-read for anyone following such a treatment.

My pills: Tools for living

This blogger is really annoyed by her medication tablets. She needs to take them every morning and every evening. In her blog, she describes her weekly pill routine and her precious pill boxes. The moments she is weak, her husband reminds her that these pills are her tools for living. As she says in her article, “My tablets control my health conditions. I control my tablets...”


Pictures for breast cancer awareness found offensive

In another post we found an unusual offence. Specifically, this blogger found an article online about a marathon which helps breast cancer organization raise money to help local woman with this disease. Although the marathon was clearly for a good cause, she felt offended by the pictures of breast cancer portraying it as …a bit too much fun. Figuring out that there are women who could not understand the significance of this disease makes her feel uncomfortable. Read her story here.

“The CT scan was a familiar horror. The bone scan was an unknown terror”

This blogger has had cancer for the last 5 ½ years. She tries to express her feelings about all the tests she has to do. Among them, the CT scan, a familiar horror for her; and the bone scan, unknown terror as she had to do it for the first time. Before this first bone scan, she fears that that pain in her spine is cancer. And she admits that she is entering a “new and unwanted space”. We hope she finds the courage and the strength. Good luck our dear fighter!

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