Positive Results Of Digital Engagement On Cancer Patients' Quality Of Life

London, England (April 04, 2019): CareAcross, a leading cancer patient data network, today announces positive results of an analysis of the impact its engagement platforms have on cancer patients’ quality of life. More specifically, the company conducted a detailed analysis of tens of thousands of records containing longitudinal data containing Patient Reported Outcomes and Quality of Life information. The analysis focused on the number of side-effects reported by specific patient cohorts, and calculated the average number of side-effects reported initially as well as currently.

The comparison produced results including the following: 

  • Overall, cancer patients on the CareAcross personalised support platform reduced the average number of side-effects by 10.8%
  • The average number of side-effects among those who have undergone surgery was reduced by 14.9%
  • Patients taking any of 13 chemotherapy regimens or combinations achieved a 15.5% reduction in average side-effects
  • The average number of side-effects reported by those who have had radiotherapy was reduced by 17.3%.

The above analysis clearly illustrates the positive impact of the CareAcross personalised platforms on cancer patients’ quality of life.

Further information from the detailed analysis indicates that: 

  • For patients who have received at least a combination of surgery and radiation therapy, the average side-effects incidence dropped by 16.9%.
  • The average side-effect count improvement among patients who received any of the drugs docetaxel, paclitaxel and carboplatin was 22.4%
  • Focusing on patients who have not had any systemic treatment, the average drop was 7.9%
  • Patients who have reported any serious comorbidity (including hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, etc) achieved a reduction in average side-effects of 16.1%.

The CareAcross platforms offer personalised support and material to cancer patients, driven by on their exact diagnosis, treatment, health profile, side-effects, nutrition, exercise, and other elements of their daily lives. Since all material is based on peer-reviewed publications, it incorporates the latest information from the scientific community, delivered in patient-friendly language.

Paris Kosmidis, MD, medical oncologist and Chief Medical Officer at CareAcross, commented: “While CareAcross cannot replace the doctor and broader medical team, it recognises the needs of patients throughout their cancer journey, and many such needs arise when they are away from the clinic.”

About CareAcross

CareAcross is a digital health company focusing on cancer. It builds and operates personalised platforms for cancer patients, offering patient-friendly material and services based on thousands of peer-reviewed publications and matched with each individual patient’s profile and needs. Based on this long-term patient engagement, it provides data-driven services to the industry, related to real-world evidence, clinical trial recruitment, and patient support platforms. All patient offerings and business services are rendered with absolute respect to patients’ privacy and anonymity. 
For more information: info@careacross.com.

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