Triple negative: My cancer - not me!

Imagine taking a shower, and as you dream about the summer holiday planned to begin the following day, you feel a lump. 
Evangelia was strong enough to go to the doctor the next day, and not the islands. 
That, together with her positive attitude, may have saved her life.


My name is Evangelia. I am a 38-year-old lawyer.

Last August, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today (literally) I am very happy because I met my doctors, and heard them say the magic words: it belongs to the past.


The diagnosis

At the beginning of August and as I was taking a shower I detected something like a lump in my right breast. Although I would be leaving for holiday, as every Greek does in August, I decided to visit a specialist the next day and take the necessary tests. On that same day I received the diagnosis of breast cancer, and a treatment plan was created. In particular, I had triple-negative breast cancer, and I would receive chemotherapy in 4 sessions, followed by surgery, another 4 sessions of chemotherapy, and radiation.


The first shock

The first shock, when I realized what I would have to deal with, lasted a few minutes. It was followed by the following thoughts: (1) I had a problem; (2) I had to sort it out; (3) I was lucky because there was a solution; it was up to me to implement it in the best way so that it will be effective, and to my benefit.


To be honest, the whole procedure and in particular the chemotherapy phase was not easy - but it was not difficult either. Or, better said: one makes it as difficult as one wishes. Now, 8 months later and after all is finished I would say that the following are the most important during the whole procedure:

  1. Thinking positive - there is a solution;
  2. Taking it all step by step. Completion of one step makes you stronger to deal with the next one;
  3. Trust in yourself. One has the power and ability to achieve everything provided that one wants to succeed;
  4. Trust in your doctors and the treatment to be followed.


Thinking -and active- positive

It happened; it is not worth questioning why it happened.

What IS worthwhile, is actually having the strength to face it, believing in the medical solutions, and believing in the human approach and psychology. We all have it in us - we just need to find the ways to let it out!

That way, the combination of medicine and human strength can only lead to a successful outcome!

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