Collection of Blood and/or Bone Marrow for Investigation and Characterization of Normal and Abnormal Cell Growth
Conditions: Keywords
Blood/bone marrow collection, hematologic diseases, leukemia
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Time Perspective: Prospective
Overall Status
The collection of Blood and/or Bone Marrow from patients with blood disorders, blood cell malignancies and associated conditions will serve as a convenient and comprehensive source of tissue to give us further information about the differences between normal blood cells and blood cells of affected individuals. This will be an invaluable asset for understanding the biology of blood disorders. The collected samples will be used by investigators for studies including immunology, molecular biology and genetics to name a few.
Criteria for eligibility
Healthy Volunteers: No
Maximum Age: N/A
Minimum Age: 18 Years
Gender: Both
Criteria: Inclusion Criteria:

- Selected patients over the age of 18 with hematologic malignancies or other blood disorders (leukemia, myeloproliferative disorders, lymphoma, other malignancies involving the bone marrow or patients with unexplained alterations in their complete blood count).

Patients who are scheduled to undergo a bone marrow aspirate and/or phlebotomy for other clinical indications will be asked to participate. They will be asked to donate an additional small aliquot of bone marrow and/or blood during the course of their already scheduled bone marrow aspiration or phlebotomy.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Patients with pre-existing medical conditions that might be exacerbated by the procedure of obtaining bone marrow or blood

- Patients who are allergic to Lidocaine, which is used as a local anesthetic, and who cannot receive a suitable substitute anesthetic.

- Patients who have a bleeding diathesis which might pose a problem with marrow aspiration.

- Patients unable to give informed consent.

- Pregnant patients
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Status: Recruiting
Contact: Jan Cerny, MD, PhD - 774-442-3903 -
Start Date
September 2009
Completion Date
December 2100
University of Massachusetts, Worcester
University of Massachusetts, Worcester
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