Risk of skin cancer increases a little with UV nail salon lamps

30 Apr 2014

Lamps for drying nail polish radiate UV-A, which can cause skin cancer. However, the exposure is brief and the risk remains small, according to researchers.

Therefore, multiple visits would be required for potential DNA damage. The authors of a study tested 17 light units from 16 salons with a wide range of bulbs, wattage and irradiance emitted by each device. The study was published at the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Higher-wattage light sources were correlated with higher UV-A irradiance emitted.

"Our data suggest that, even with numerous exposures, the risk for carcinogensis, remains small. That said, we concur with previous authors in recommending use of physical blocking sunscreens or UV-A protective gloves to limit the risk of carcinogenesis and photoaging."


Source: Science Daily: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/04/140430192656.htm

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