“Your care and support is the bridge that helps me get "across" many difficulties every day. Thank you!”

"Thank you so much for your help and advice. It helps to not feel alone in all of this.”

"Yes, the fatigue is much better [..].
Although I don’t have my old energy levels my stamina is returning and I get much more out of the day.
The CareAcross system helps."

“I had some high-level knowledge. Your site informed me with adequate details.”

"The peripheral neuropathy is now barely discernable. I think exercise has helped there.
I also stretch my hands a lot, now and that has helped."

“Thank you so so much you have been amazing support and made me realise I'm not alone!!”

"Prayers and great folks like you will get us through"

"Thank you, your information is really useful and up to date, not patronising - great!"

"That's my reading material sorted! You are wonderful!!"

"And thanks for all that you do.
It is because of people like you that those affected by cancer are able to find a way to smile through treatment."

"Thank you for your help it really is appreciated"

"Just like to say thank you for your advice."

"Thank you kindly for this optimistic and useful email; it has lifted my spirits today. Much much gratitude."

"The information you have provided has lifted my spirits."

"Thank you very much for that. Thank you again for your attention."

"I have found these emails & advice from you very helpful and informative.
Your info has guided me on what I should or should not be eating in the future. Thank you."

"Thank you so so much for investigating for me, you are so helpful."

"I would just like to say thank you for all your help so far. It means a lot to be on the right track due to your help.
Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much. This is a great help. I really appreciate your calm, logical and scientific approach."

"I am thankful I found this site. God bless!"

"Thank you for all of your support, assistance, and advice."

"I am now hoping to move onto a new life, with no fear or judgement.
In the way that you have taught me I can go forward."

"The information contained in these guides has been very helpful - thank you very much."

"Thank you so much to each and every member of staff involved that helps you, help people get through the dark hours before, during and after."

"It is very helpful for guiding those of us who are suddenly caught by surprise, immersed and disoriented in this new situation - and also during a period as delicate as this pandemic."

"Thank you again [..] tremendous service to those with ailments."

"A million of thanks to have this site, very useful to give us advice after the operation."

"Thank you very much for all the information. I am so delighted and appreciate all your support and advice."

"Grazie per i vostri consigli puntuali e competenti.
I medici hanno sempre fretta e non informano in maniera così dettagliata... Bravi, ottimo"

"Grazie come sempre per tutto quello che fate !!!!"

"Vi ringrazio di cuore, siete di grande aiuto"

"Gracias por todos vuestros comentarios y consejos... Un cordial saludo!"

"Muchas gracias por su maravillosa labor"

"No tengo más que palabras de agradecimiento porque nunca, nunca he encontrado una página de internet que sea gratuita para un asesoramiento tan específico sin que te vendan productos o te llenen la cuenta de publicidad."

"Muchas gracias por su invalorable apoyo"

"Mil gracias por vuestro granito de arena y felicidades por su disposición a ayudarnos a todos las que estamos inmersos en esta batalla.
Anotadas quedan todas las recomendaciones que me habéis enviado."

"De nuevo, gracias por vuestra colaboración y un aplauso por la continuación de vuestra labor con otras personas afectadas."

"Gracias por existir!"

[Patients' testimonials edited for anonymity and length]

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