Cancer News: Testicular

Cisplatin may cause hearing loss in testicular cancer survivors

Cisplatin treatment is to blame for the hearing loss of many testicular cancer survivors, researchers report.

Which treatment is more effective for stage II testicular cancer?

Scientists comparing treatment methods for stage II testicular cancer report that radiotherapy is more effective than chemotherapy.

New test help testicular cancers choose between monitoring and chemo

A new test can detect for which testicular cancer patients surveillance would be the best choice, sparing them from the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Men who have had testicular cancer at higher risk of prostate cancer

A study of 180,000 men indicates that men with history of testicular cancer have much higher risk of prostate cancer.

Genes to blame for drug resistance in testicular cancer

Researchers reveal new genetic mutations that could drive testicular cancer, and a gene which may contribute to resistance to drugs against the disease.

Testicular cancer risk may be much higher due to genetic variant

Researchers have identified a genetic variant which is associated with a very large risk of testicular cancer. This may lead to new personalized treatments.

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