Cancer News: Prostate

Prostate cancer drug used before chemotherapy brings benefits in trial

Late-stage prostate cancer patients, who had not yet received chemotherapy, benefited from an experimental drug in a phase 3 trial in terms of overall survival.

Prostate cancer survivors: long-term needs addressed by guidelines

New guidelines for prostate cancer have been issued by the American Cancer Society, focusing on side-effects and follow-up care for patients after treatment.

Risk for breast, prostate and colon cancer: dominated by genetics

Researchers studied individuals who had been adopted. They discovered that the risk for breast, prostate and colorectal cancer is highly dependent on genetics.

Prostate cancer patients with depression face more challenges

Depressed men with localized prostate cancer were more likely to be diagnosed with more aggressive disease, received less effective treatments and survived for shorter times.

Robot-assisted surgery controls prostate cancer for 10 years

Robot-assisted prostatectomy to remove cancerous prostate glands can control the disease for 10 years, which is comparable to the open surgery results.

Prostate cancer risk and cycling: Is there a correlation?

Many debate whether men who frequently ride a bicycle have higher risk of disorders like prostate cancer prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, or infertility.

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