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Preserving ovarian function in breast cancer patients

Breast cancer patients who achieved ovarian suppression with the hormonal drug triptorelin had more chances to recover ovarian function, a new study shows.

Effective method to detect breast cancer-related lymphedema

Counting the symptoms of breast cancer-related lymphedema appeared to be diagnostically relevant and a cost-effective initial screening tool for lymphedema.

Breast cancer survival linked to delayed treatment

Delaying treatment and chemotherapy influences the survival rates of breast cancer patients, two large U.S. studies suggest.

Comparing two treatments for common type of breast cancer

Postmenopausal women with ductal carcinoma in-situ treated with anastrozole saw no difference in outcome compared to treatment with tamoxifen.

Is breast-conserving therapy better for breast cancer patients?

Early-stage breast cancer patients who received breast-conserving surgery plus radiation therapy instead of mastectomy lived longer, scientists report.

Increased survival for patients with triple-negative breast cancer

Patients with triple-negative breast cancer who had no residual invasive cancer detected after pre-surgery chemotherapy lived longer, scientists discovered.

Adjuvant chemotherapy: not effective for all breast cancer patients

Premenopausal women whose invasive breast cancers were of the luminal A subtype did not benefit from a treatment with adjuvant chemotherapy.

Improved outcomes for breast cancer patients with capecitabine

Breast cancer patients with residual disease after pre-surgery chemotherapy lived longer after being treated with the chemotherapy agent capecitabine.

Combing palbociclib with paclitaxel against advanced breast cancer

The combination of the palbociclib with paclitaxel (Taxol) induced positive patient outcomes when administered to estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer patients.

Denosumab reduces breast cancer relapse rate

The monoclonal antibody (denosumab) given as adjuvant therapy with aromatase inhibitors reduced disease relapse rate in breast cancer patients.

Anxious about getting a genetic cancer screening?

Counseling before and after a genetic cancer screening helped BRCA 1/2-negative patients make informed decisions and deal with anxiety, a new research reveals.

Linking breast cancer treatment and leukemia

Breast cancer survivors at risk of developing leukemia due to chemotherapy and/or radiation share certain characteristics, a new analysis shows.

Antidepressant use and breast-cancer recurrence

No link was identified between risk of recurrence and antidepressant use in breast cancer patients taking an anti-cancer drug and an antidepressant.

Breast cancer: surgery linked to positive patient results

Initial breast surgery was linked to increased and durable survival rates in women with stage IV breast cancer, a new study points out.

Managing stress help women deal with breast cancer

Learning how to manage stress early in their breast cancer treatment helped patients live longer without the disease, a randomized trial shows.

Is there a connection between exercise and breast cancer risk?

Women at high-risk of breast cancer could benefit from regular physical activity, according to a new research.

Breast Conservation: an option for more breast cancer patients

Breast conservation therapy should be suggested as a treatment option to breast cancer patients with larger tumors, researchers reported.

Some breast cancer patients may not benefit from Herceptin

The analysis of a trial revealed that HER2-positive breast cancer patients benefited more from receiving chemotherapy alone than chemotherapy plus trastuzumab.

Weight training: a key to long-term health in breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors improved their physical functionality lost due to chemotherapy when participated at a six-month weight training program, a new study shows.

Radiation therapy benefited some elderly breast cancer patients

A retrospective analysis revealed that elderly women with early stage triple negative breast cancer benefited from adjuvant radiation therapy after lumpectomy.

Emotions: a risk factor for postoperative pain in breast cancer

The emotional state of a breast cancer patient who undergoes surgical intervention is found to be a risk factor for acute postoperative pain, a new study reveals.

Acupuncture helps breast cancer patients control hot flashes

Acupuncture may offer relief for breast cancer patients against hot flashes, particular common when taking estrogen-taking therapies, according to a new study.

An intervention helps women with breast cancer lose weight

Breast cancer patients often face difficulties in losing weight after treatment. Researchers now report that these women can lose weight with a personalized intervention.

Fertility concerns keep breast cancer patients away from treatment

Young women with breast cancer may refuse to be treated with the effective treatment, tamoxifen, due to the drug’s side effects on fertility.

Medication adherence in breast cancer: why do patients skip drugs?

The side effects of hormone therapy as well as a poor doctor-patient communication may make breast cancer patients to intentionally or unintentionally miss a dose.

Chemotherapy: ineffective for older breast cancer patients

Chemotherapy proved to be inefficient for breast cancer patients over the age of 70, a new study reveals.

Breast cancer: Better patient outcomes with current treatments

Two currently available treatments, aromatase inhibitors and bisphosphonates benefited substantially breast cancer patients.

Radiation therapy: a treatment option for some breast cancer patients

A 14-year study reports that additional radiation, although it did not increase overall survival, benefited breast cancer patients as it reduced cancer recurrence.

Drug combination shows promise in metastatic breast cancer

Combining lapatinib and trastuzumab led to positive outcomes in metastatic breast cancer patients as it proved to be active and well-tolerated.

Chemotherapy linked to weight gain in breast cancer survivors

Chemotherapy may lead to weight gain in breast cancer survivors with a family history of the disease, a new prospective study suggests.

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