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Vemurafenib shows promise in thyroid cancer patients with BRAF

Vemurafenib, a drug targeting BRAF mutation, induced positive results in treating metastatic thyroid cancer patients harboring the mutation.

The potential of adjuvant chemotherapy in early-stage colon cancer

Early-stage colon cancer patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy survived longer, a new retrospective study shows.

The effects of weight on multiple myeloma

Researchers discovered that the patient’s body mass index is contributing to multiple myeloma growth and progression.

Olanzapine prevented chemotherapy-induced nausea

Patients undergoing chemotherapy experienced no nausea or vomiting after including olanzapine to their prophylactic drug combination, a phase 3 study reveals.

No benefit from cabozantinib in prostate cancer trial

The inhibitor cabozantinib failed to induce significant benefit in prostate cancer patients, a phase 3 trial reveals.

Why do breast cancer survivors suffer from chronic pain?

A new analysis shows that cutting of sensory nerves during breast cancer surgery is connected with post-surgical chronic pain.

Childhood cancer survivors in risk of endocrine disorders

Childhood cancer survivors face the risk of an increased risk for a variety of health disorders, including endocrine abnormalities, a review showed.

A diagnosis of high cholesterol led to increased cancer survival

A diagnosis of high cholesterol led to reduced mortality and improved survival in lung, breast, prostate and bowel cancer, a new researches reveals.

Fewer memory problems for breast cancer survivors who exercise

Physical activity improved subjective memory in breast cancer survivors, alleviating stress, a new study reports.

Laryngeal preservation in laryngeal cancer: is it possible?

The use of cetuximab and radiation therapy compared with radiotherapy resulted in higher rate of laryngeal preservation in laryngeal cancer patients.

Acupressure helps breast cancer survivors deal with fatigue

Breast cancer survivors who did acupressure over six weeks reduced fatigue, the most common long-term effects of breast cancer treatment.

EU regulator extends carfilzomib’s approval for multiple myeloma

EU regulator approved carfilzomib with dexamethasone alone for adult patients with multiple myeloma who have received at least one prior therapy.

Colorectal cancer: cetuximab with FOLFOX improve patient outcomes

The combination of cetuximab with FOLFOX statistically significantly improved patient outcomes in RAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer patients.

Regorafenib boosted survival in refractory liver cancer

Patients with refractory liver cancer had a significant reduction in the risk of progression or death when treated with regorafenib, a phase 3 study shows.

Prostate cancer testimonial: active surveillance & fusion MRI

A prostate cancer patient opted for active surveillance instead of prostatectomy. Changing urologists, he got advice to undergo a fusion MRI scan.

Similar outcomes for two treatments options for gastric cancer

Post-operative treatment intensification with chemoradiotherapy and post-operative chemotherapy induced similar outcomes to gastric cancer patients.

Cisplatin may cause hearing loss in testicular cancer survivors

Cisplatin treatment is to blame for the hearing loss of many testicular cancer survivors, researchers report.

Treatment combination prolonged life in prostate cancer

Adding radiotherapy to androgen deprivation therapy in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer patients prolonged survival more, an analysis reveals.

Smoking reduced the benefit of common breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer patients treated with aromatase inhibitors who continued smoking had a three times higher risk of recurrence of breast cancer, a study shows.

Metastatic kidney cancer patients lived longer after surgery

Removing with surgery a cancerous kidney helped metastatic kidney cancer patients live longer, a new study reveals.

Immunotherapy Keytruda prolonged survival in lung-cancer patients

Merck’s Keytruda immunotherapy prolonged survival without disease progression in advanced lung cancer patients, the results of a large trial show.

Breast conserving therapy Vs mastectomy in early breast cancer

Breast conserving therapy was associated with a higher risk of metastasis compared to mastectomy in early breast cancer patients, younger than 45 years old.

Chronic inactivity linked to increased risk for ovarian cancer

The lack of regular exercise throughout adulthood is associated with an increased risk of developing and dying from ovarian cancer, a new analysis reveals.

Arimidex improved quality of life in endometrial cancer patients

Arimidex induced a clinical benefit for recurrent hormone receptor-positive endometrial cancer patients, as it improved their quality of life, a study finds.

Chemotherapy and immunotherapy against ovarian cancer

Immunotherapy given directly after chemotherapy to ovarian cancer patients stimulated immune cells that can kill cancer cells, a new analysis reveals.

Is shorter radiation better for early breast cancer patients?

Treating early breast cancer patients with a shorter course of whole breast radiation induced the same outcomes as the longer course, a study reveals.

Advanced kidney cancer patients lived longer with nivolumab

Advanced kidney cancer patients treated after disease progression with immunotherapy nivolumab survived longer, a new phase 3 study shows.

Immunotherapy pembrolizumab gives hope to some sarcoma patients

The existing cancer immunotherapy pembrolizumab induced positive outcomes to patients with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma.

Immunotherapy nivolumab appears effective in head and neck cancer

The immunotherapy nivolumab increased progression free survival with less adverse events in head and neck cancer patients.

Skin cancer combo shows evidence against lung cancer

Novartis's drug combination of Tafinlar and Mekinist increased progression-free survival in lung cancer patients almost up to 10 months, said the company.

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