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Chemotherapy may affect heart function for some breast cancer patients

Breast cancer patients who are positive for the HER-2 gene may have higher risk of heart damage during chemotherapy, according to a recently published study.

Advanced cancer patients can benefit from exercise and nutrition

Patients with advanced cancer can benefit from exercise, nutritional counselling & symptom control, according to evidence within a recently published study.

HER2-positive breast cancer experimental drug improves survival in trial

Neratinib improved disease-free survival by 33% in women with early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer in a trial, after their treatment with trastuzumab.

Prostate cancer risk and cycling: Is there a correlation?

Many debate whether men who frequently ride a bicycle have higher risk of disorders like prostate cancer prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, or infertility.

Statins reduce Barrett's esophagus risk by 43%

Statins, usually used to lower cholesterol, greatly reduce a patient's risk of developing Barrett's esophagus - a condition which may lead to esophageal cancer.

Drug against specific blood cancers approved by the US FDA

The US FDA approved idealisib against relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), follicular B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and relapsed small lymphocytic lymphoma.

Plant-based products may protect the skin during radiotherapy

Natural product chemicals derived from plants may protect the skin from some harmful effects of radiation during cancer radiation therapy, researchers say.

Childhood cancer survivors' risk of heart disease can be reduced

The risk of cardiovascular disease for childhood cancer survivors is increased. A hopeful new study found that a healthy lifestyle can help lower that risk.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) drug approved in Europe

EU regulators approved obinutuzumab for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients, a type of cancer that starts from white blood cells in the bone marrow.

Endoscopic resection for early-stage esophageal cancer may not be best option

A new study shows that the traditional surgical resection for early-stage esophageal cancer provided significantly better outcomes than endoscopic resection.

Acupuncture helps some breast cancer patients in trial

A specific form of acupuncture which uses a small electric current helped early stage breast cancer patients with joint pain induced by aromatase inhibitors.

Breast cancer risk raised by recent use of some birth control pills

Women who recently used birth control pills with high-dose estrogen and some formulations had increased risk for breast cancer, compared to other formulations.

A kind of starch to reduce colon cancer risk from eating red meat?

New research suggests that a specific kind of starch can reduce the risk for colorectal cancer that comes with the consumption of red meat (beef, pork & lamb).

Women over 75 can benefit from breast cancer diagnosis via mammograms

The value of mammography in older women has been discussed a lot recently. A study suggests that such earlier diagnosis can reduce advanced breast cancer cases.

Aspirin can guard against colon, stomach and esophageal cancer

New research reveals aspirin can significantly reduce the risk of developing and dying from digestive tract cancers: colon (bowel), stomach & esophageal cancer.

Avastin approved for some ovarian cancer patients in Europe

European regulators approved Avastin (bevacizumab) as a treatment for women with ovarian cancer that is resistant to platinum-containing chemotherapy.

Kidney cancer control procedures estimated to have similar benefit

A large study showed that for kidney cancer patients, surgery and less radical, needle-guided procedures offer near equivalent cancer control for small tumors.

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