Cancer News: Breast

Cryopreservation boosts fertility hopes to breast cancer patients

Breast cancer patients were able to conceive after treatment using embryo cryopreservation after ovarian stimulation, according to a new study.

Better patient outcomes with new breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer patients treated with a one-week partial breast irradiation saw no increase in cancer recurrence or difference in cosmetic outcomes compared to women who received standard treatment.

Cancer survival may depend on sleep duration and quality

Several sleep attributes, such as sleep duration and snoring, may affect survival on breast cancer patients, a new study suggests.

Palbociclib: a new treatment option for metastatic breast cancer

Women with endocrine-resistant metastatic breast cancer managed to keep cancer away longer when treated with the novel drug, palbociclib, a new study shows.

Weight control: a possible routine part of breast cancer treatment

Female breast cancer survivors were able to lose weight through modest lifestyle changes tackling obesity, a major risk factor for breast cancer, a new study reveals.

Less invasive mastectomy: a safe option for breast cancer patients

A newer form of a less invasive mastectomy technique was found to be safe and equally beneficial for breast cancer patients compared to more invasive techniques.

Exercise helps women with breast cancer better tolerate chemotherapy

Breast cancer patients who follow an exercise program during chemotherapy experience less fatigue, nausea and pain - and need fewer adjustments to their dosage.

Women with BRCA-positive breast cancer benefit from ovary removal

A review of 700 BRCA-positive breast cancer cases showed that removing ovaries significantly reduces the risk of death, especially for BRCA1 (62% lower).

New guidelines: less invasive surgery for inflammatory breast cancer

According to the latest guidelines, women with inflammatory breast cancer (a rare type of breast cancer) should be offered less invasive surgery if appropriate.

Drug trial brings promise to advanced breast cancer patients

Palbociclib, which has been approved by the US FDA for advanced breast cancer, was shown to help patients who have already received treatment for their condition.

Combination treatment against resistance to breast cancer therapy

Researchers detailed the surprising ways in which breast cancer builds resistance to the drug lapatinib, and how to prevent it.

Platinum combination therapy gives hope to breast cancer patients

A new phase 2 study shows that the preoperative combination of gemcitabine, carboplatin, and iniparib is well tolerated in breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer screening method detects 90% of all cancers

The majority of all breast cancers can be diagnosed using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers report.

Good news for breast cancer patients who want to get pregnant

Women with breast cancer who receive goserelin had higher pregnancy rates 2 years after treatment, a study shows.

A familial connection between breast and prostate cancer

Having first-degree relatives with a history of prostate cancer increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study.

Breast cancer survivors may be at risk of thyroid cancer

Breast cancer survivors found to be prone to thyroid cancer, especially within five years of their breast cancer diagnosis according to a new comparative analysis.

Breast cancer: avoid mastectomy with pre-surgery chemotherapy

Women with breast cancer may avoid surgical removal of the breast if they undergo chemotherapy before a cancer operation.

New drug helps against hormone-resistant breast cancer

A trial showed that an investigational medication for breast cancer improved progression free survival in patients with Hormone-Resistant positive (HR+) tumors.

Novel treatment approved for metastatic breast cancer

The FDA approved Palbociclib for the treatment of postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer that is hormone receptor-positive.

New tool helps women with breast cancer avoid surgery

Ultrasound was found to be an effective tool in determining which breast cancer patients really need to proceed with surgical removal of lymph nodes.

Radiotherapy may be unnecessary for some breast cancer patients

Some older women with breast cancer may avoid radiotherapy, without harming their chances of survival, a study has shown.

New effective treatment in metastatic breast cancer?

Increased overall survival in women with breast cancer who received Eribulin, a chemotherapeutic agent, as a first and second line chemotherapy regimen.

Combined therapy may help women with breast cancer live longer

Almost all women with HER2-positive breast tumors who received a combination of lower-intensity chemotherapy and a targeted drug were cancer-free after 3 years.

Triple-negative breast cancer: the answer is in the genes

A gene, identified to be overactive in triple-negative breast cancer, raises hopes for new targeted treatments in this aggressive difficult-to-treat cancer subtype.

Eat properly and your breast cancer may never come back

Researchers found that providing nutrition education to breast cancer patients may help them prevent reoccurrence of the disease.

New promising drug in Hormone-Receptor positive breast cancer

A new study on experimental drug, Palbociclib, gives hope to women with advanced breast cancer as it doubled progression-free survival in patients.

Positive results for Herceptin in HER2-positive breast cancer patients

Herceptin, when combined with chemotherapy, improves significantly long-term survival of patients with HER-2 positive breast cancer.

Adding agents to standard treatment helps breast cancer patients

Adding Carboplatin or bevacizumab to standard chemotherapy treatment increased the proportion of breast cancer with no residual cancer detected at surgery.

Preventing recurrence in young breast cancer patients

Breast cancer patients who retained ovarian function after chemotherapy benefited by ovarian suppression, either with tamoxifen or with aromatase inhibitor.

Metastatic breast cancer patients benefit from combination treatment

Women with metastatic breast cancer benefited from a treatment combining eribulin and capecitabine in a clinical trial, as presented in the latest conference.

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