Blog: Colon cancer

Promising results in immunotherapy

Professor HÃ¥kan Mellstedt is a medical oncologist at the Cancer Center Karolinska in Sweden, with extensive clinical and academic experience. In this article, Prof. Mellstedt, also a member of our Scientific Committee, explains the basics of immunotherapy and key research being conducted across cancer types.

Colon cancer: treatment options, genetic testing and biomarkers

Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. We asked Professor Hans-Joachim Schmoll, a member of the CareAcross Scientific Committee and a very experienced medical oncologist a few questions on treatment options, genetic testing and biomarkers.

Colon cancer: when should chemotherapy follow surgery?

Some patients with stage 2 colon cancer will recur after surgery. Our Chief Medical Officer provides detail on when post-surgery chemotherapy is likely to help treatment.

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