Blog: Skin cancer

It is a cloudy day - time to apply some sunscreen

Read why we should protect our skin even on cloudy days, how parts with less exposure to the sun could get skin cancer, and whether you are spending too much time in the sun.

Melanoma risk for people with darker skin and more skin cancer myths

Skin cancer is usually caused by the sun’s rays. Melanoma is skin cancer’s most serious type. Let’s explore myths about dark skin, whether little sun exposure can harm, and sunscreen.

Myths on skin cancer in older people, sunscreen protection and more

How are skin cancer and melanoma related to sunscreen protection, outdoor activities, or the colour of our skin? Read on and find out how to sun-proof and age-proof your skin.

True or false - Skin type, suspicious moles, tanning beds and more myths

Am I protected from UV radiation on rainy days? Should I use tanning beds? Could my "harmless" mole be cancerous? Here are 5 myths that deserve to be discussed.

How much sunscreen is enough, sun protection, UVB radiation, and more myths

Skin cancer and melanoma (its most serious type) are linked with exposure to the sun’s rays. What should your sunscreen’s Sun Protection Factor (SPF) be? If you are already tanned, are you protected?

Introducing Melanoma Rollercoaster

We first met Imogen at the European Cancer Congress in Vienna in 2015. She has been blogging about melanoma since September 2013, and has become very active in the UK & European melanoma patient community. We naturally wanted to get to know her more, so we asked her a few questions.

Promising results in immunotherapy

Professor Håkan Mellstedt is a medical oncologist at the Cancer Center Karolinska in Sweden, with extensive clinical and academic experience. In this article, Prof. Mellstedt, also a member of our Scientific Committee, explains the basics of immunotherapy and key research being conducted across cancer types.

More therapeutic options for metastatic melanoma patients

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Our Chief Medical Officer reports the latest developments on metastatic melanoma, from the European Oncology conference.

Enjoy the sun without risking your health

Protecting your skin while in the sun is important, and we want you to enjoy sunshine without worrying. Our editors provide information on sun protection basics.

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