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Scars on the body and soul of a cancer survivor

In this week’s stories, we read about the scars on the body and the soul of a cancer survivor and we learn what we can do to protect ourselves from a rare type of breast cancer.

Overcoming breast cancer with our strength and our caregivers’ support

Cancer is a challenging period in every patient’s life. Although you may feel that it changes you, your family will always love you and help you realize how strong you are. After all, those who care about you will always manage to find a way to turn the negative side into a positive one. These are stories written by women who have experienced it one way or another.

The roller coaster ride called cancer

What is more difficult, fighting cancer yourself or watch your child fight it? Are we the ones to blame for the rise of cancer nowadays? Is there a link between baldness and prostate cancer? What do you think?

The right attitude during and after cancer - Bloggers speak up

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it you’ll never go anywhere.” Some patients have gotten this 100% right, and they apply this principle both during and after their treatments. And if you like quotes, here’s one to write down: “Fear isn’t real, it’s all in your head”.

Optimism, strength, determination, compassion and humor against cancer

On our ride around the web, we came across inspiring stories of people facing cancer: the story of Kathy who decides to take her destiny into her own hands; of another blogger who faces cancer with optimism and humor; and of Nancy, who writes a book to help other cancer fighters face their fears. We met a woman with epilepsy and cancer and realized how difficult her daily pill routine is. Then, we learned that sometimes breast cancer is pictured inappropriately, and some women find this frustrating. Our last story is the touching monologue of a breast cancer survivor as she waits for her bone scan…

Bullying, nutrition, exercise, a special movie - and more from around the web

The web offered various gems this week: A young cancer survivor showed all of us how to handle bullying. We read about how exercise affects survival after a cancer diagnosis, as well as various responses when tobacco products were banned from being shown in small shops in the UK. Finally, in the US, a much-anticipated 6-hour documentary about cancer was released.

Life is a blessing

There are many inspiring women in the world. Women who keep fighting cancer and who find a way to win their life back. As if that were not enough, they find the courage to communicate their experience to others, who just like them, needed help. Let’s see their stories.

Would cancer make an exception for a Hollywood star?

Cancer does not make exceptions. This disease is unexpected and can affect each and every one of us… even Hollywood stars. Read the latest from blogs and around the web, including reactions to Angelina Jolie's article and personal stories of hope, persistence and inspiration.

We all react differently to cancer

Have you ever considered what you would do if you discovered that you had cancer? And if you have, how did you react when you learned about it? How does such knowledge change your attitude towards life? People with cancer react in different ways. Some of them try to understand the disease and find a way to stay strong and keep fighting. On the other hand, there are patients who don’t even try to recover. Read the following stories and you will understand exactly what I mean.

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