Blog: Childhood cancer

The roller coaster ride called cancer

What is more difficult, fighting cancer yourself or watch your child fight it? Are we the ones to blame for the rise of cancer nowadays? Is there a link between baldness and prostate cancer? What do you think?

Bullying, nutrition, exercise, a special movie - and more from around the web

The web offered various gems this week: A young cancer survivor showed all of us how to handle bullying. We read about how exercise affects survival after a cancer diagnosis, as well as various responses when tobacco products were banned from being shown in small shops in the UK. Finally, in the US, a much-anticipated 6-hour documentary about cancer was released.

A raft which vanishes into the boundless ocean of tomorrow

Emily writes about the adventures of childhood cancer and the changes she experienced after 3 years of treatment. For her, life has no rules - only lessons.

After leukemia, a vision for life

The biggest win for Manos so far has been his victory against leukemia. That win is his compass. 21 years later, it brings him a unique gift: a vision for life.

Do you ever pretend cancer never happened?

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia made John more mature. And when he was cured, he understood his potential. Now, his suggestion is clear: do not deny your illness.

“A great gift-and I'm responsible for every minute of it”

20 years after a leukemia diagnosis, the moments are strong, but the feelings are stronger. Elpida shares her story, and her view of the ultimate gift: Life.

Childhood cancer survivors: the social impact in adulthood

The 12th PanCare Meeting for Childhood Cancer survivors was held in Amsterdam, and one session focused on social outcomes. Sabine Karner, PanCare board member, summarizes its main findings.

Childhood cancer survivors speak up at the 2013 Cancer Congress

The 2013 European Cancer Congress included sessions on childhood cancer survivors. Mrs Tsirou, the president of the childhood cancer survivors’ association called “Kyttaro” (based in Greece), summarizes the main findings and observations.

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