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HER2-positive breast cancer: foods to eat or avoid

A breast cancer diagnosis comes with a long list of things to worry about. For many women, some of them include diet and nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables for cancer patients

What is it about fruits and vegetables that make them necessary? What is the research behind their benefits? And how can they help those diagnosed with cancer?

Fish protects and strengthens against breast cancer

You probably know that you are supposed to eat fish regularly. However, you might not know the many different ways that fish benefits our health. 

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

Vitamin D is special, as it does not only come from food, but also the sun. Researchers recently published a map of vitamin D deficiency across Europe, which could make you think about your own vitamin D levels.

Body Mass Index and breast cancer

Research shows that a woman’s weight may affect the outcomes of her breast cancer treatment. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number that indicates whether someone is underweight, normal, or overweight. In this article, we present the studies that correlate BMI with breast cancer.

Triple-negative breast cancer - diet and nutrition

Triple negative breast cancer is a particularly challenging condition. Can diet and overall nutrition improvements help our treatments? We present the latest research.

Do tomatoes reduce prostate cancer risk?

With prostate cancer awareness growing around the world, perhaps the most frequently asked question is “Do tomatoes prevent prostate cancer?”. An endocrinologist who has studied the topic of nutrition and cancer at length provides some further details.

Can nutrition help prevent cervical cancer?

Can we prevent cervical cancer through proper diet and nutrition? We present some of the research on correlating food and this gynecological cancer.

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