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Enhanced quality of life via digital support to advanced NSCLC patients (ESMO 2023 poster)

We presented the interim analysis of a randomised clinical trial, showcasing improved patient quality of life, and illustrating the patient experience via real world data.

Immunotherapy: low awareness revealed from CareAcross research among 5589 cancer patients

What do patients know and believe about immunotherapy? CareAcross conducted an extensive study collecting responses from 5,589 cancer patients.

Improving participation in cancer clinical trials

Clinical Trials are the cornerstone of research activities for new ways to treat cancer. Unfortunately, many barriers prevent patients from learning about, and participating in clinical trials. Our Chief Medical Officer weighs in.

Extending aromatase inhibitor therapy reduced breast cancer recurrence

Every year, the largest cancer conference delivers new research and hope for cancer patients worldwide - and this year's is no exception. In this article we provide details on a significant breast cancer finding, straight from Chicago.

Patient consent forms

Fiona Nielsen is working 24/7 to promote efficient and ethical human genomic data sharing. She recently published a very interesting article on the need to modernise the "consent form".

Promising results in immunotherapy

Professor Håkan Mellstedt is a medical oncologist at the Cancer Center Karolinska in Sweden, with extensive clinical and academic experience. In this article, Prof. Mellstedt, also a member of our Scientific Committee, explains the basics of immunotherapy and key research being conducted across cancer types.

New treatments of lung adenocarcinoma with genetic mutations

A session at the 2014 ASCO meeting focused on targeted adenocarcinoma treatment for specific genetic mutations-a promising option for some lung cancer patients.

Lung cancer statistics: latest information

At the European Lung Cancer Conference, new information on lung cancer incidence, key factors and genetic mutations were discussed. We present the highlights.

Statins reduce prostate cancer mortality

Statins are normally used to lower cholesterol (which is seemingly irrelevant to prostate cancer). However, cholesterol controls pathways related to prostate cancer cells’ survival. In article, our Chief Medical Officer describes the potential benefit to prostate cancer patients, based on two recently published studies.

Lung cancer adenocarcinoma patients benefit from personalized treatment

Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of non-small cell lung cancer. Our Chief Medical Officer explains the benefits from the latest research on targeted drugs.

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