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Doug asks men to be as aware as women are with breast cancer

Men can get breast cancer, too: 1 in 1000 men will develop this condition in their lifetime. Doug is one of them, and he answered our questions in a similarly unique manner.

A voice for those affected by womb cancer

She maintains 3 blogs – and is passionate about offering support to women with womb cancer. It should come as no surprise that she recommends blogging as a cathartic tool for patients. Let’s get to know “The Hippy Hen”.

Introducing Rosemary and her Cystaract

She named her blog after a cyst: that cyst led to her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. She posts blog articles and videos, and she is soon going to be a grandmother! Please allow us to introduce Rosemary.

Miranda suggests to look after yourself, and start blogging

Miranda started blogging immediately after her breast cancer diagnosis. She thought it was a good way to help others who are going through the same experiences, and also help her look back.

If life is a marathon, Jackie is happy to run it

Jackie volunteers for breast cancer charities, runs half marathons, and is only weeks away from her first full marathon! And that's only 2 years after her breast cancer diagnosis!

From nurse, to patient, to blogger - meet Dawn

Dawn is a talented writer, with an incredible story that includes a brain tumour, breast cancer, multiple operations and medical treatments. And when she answered our questions, she made it all look so easy.

For Maddie, blogging adds perspective

Maddie started blogging only a few days after her breast cancer diagnosis. As if that wasn’t enough, during her radiotherapy treatments she started a breast and testicular cancer awareness charity called Feel Yourself Campaign.

How Marie is talking openly about breast cancer

Marie has been blogging since 2015, and has a unique way of writing about her experiences with breast cancer. This has even led others to reach out to her. Let’s get to know her better…

Introducing FEC-THis

Please allow us to introduce Tracy, who has been blogging since her HER2-positive diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012. She was kind enough to tell us more about herself and her blog (whose name is certainly perplexing for the “uninitiated”). We heard her views on sharing experiences with cancer, some links to other blogs she follows, and we were glad to hear she is also participating in a clinical trial!

Introducing Melanoma Rollercoaster

We first met Imogen at the European Cancer Congress in Vienna in 2015. She has been blogging about melanoma since September 2013, and has become very active in the UK & European melanoma patient community. We naturally wanted to get to know her more, so we asked her a few questions.

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