Blog: Success stories

We are not “Cancer patients”, we are “Cancer fighters”

“When cancer reached the gate of my life, I decided to fight back and not let it steal my dreams. I decided to strike with power and no matter how many injuries and scars I got, I would win that battle, because it was the battle of my life”.

A mother, a grandmother, a winner

A routine examination showed throat cancer. Another tumor, in the left lung, made her fear she wouldn’t make it. 5 years later, she tells us how she made it.

A raft which vanishes into the boundless ocean of tomorrow

Emily writes about the adventures of childhood cancer and the changes she experienced after 3 years of treatment. For her, life has no rules - only lessons.

After leukemia, a vision for life

The biggest win for Manos so far has been his victory against leukemia. That win is his compass. 21 years later, it brings him a unique gift: a vision for life.

Do you ever pretend cancer never happened?

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia made John more mature. And when he was cured, he understood his potential. Now, his suggestion is clear: do not deny your illness.

How my support network helped cure my testicular cancer

This young man was about to stop chemotherapy for testicular cancer. His wife, together with his family and doctors, helped him through the side effects.

“A great gift-and I'm responsible for every minute of it”

20 years after a leukemia diagnosis, the moments are strong, but the feelings are stronger. Elpida shares her story, and her view of the ultimate gift: Life.

Triple negative: My cancer - not me!

Imagine taking a shower, and as you dream about the summer holiday planned to begin the following day, you feel a lump. Evangelia was strong enough to go to the doctor the next day, and not the islands. That, together with her positive attitude, may have saved her life.

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