Blog: Genetics

The roller coaster ride called cancer

What is more difficult, fighting cancer yourself or watch your child fight it? Are we the ones to blame for the rise of cancer nowadays? Is there a link between baldness and prostate cancer? What do you think?

Would cancer make an exception for a Hollywood star?

Cancer does not make exceptions. This disease is unexpected and can affect each and every one of us… even Hollywood stars. Read the latest from blogs and around the web, including reactions to Angelina Jolie's article and personal stories of hope, persistence and inspiration.

Multiple Myeloma: genetics and treatment options

Professor Heinz Ludwig, member of the CareAcross Scientific Committee, is an expert in multiple myeloma, based in Austria. During our interview with him, he answered a few questions on the latest developments that are important for all multiple myeloma patients.

New treatments of lung adenocarcinoma with genetic mutations

A session at the 2014 ASCO meeting focused on targeted adenocarcinoma treatment for specific genetic mutations-a promising option for some lung cancer patients.

Ovarian cancer treatment & prevention: promising new approaches

Genetic analysis is an emerging field of cancer research. For ovarian cancer, such research can lead to better prevention and more effective treatments. Our Chief Medical Officer provides the latest details.

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